Switch Wicked MHK Local Artist Series

Everybody Plays Tee - Pre-order period runs through 12/31/23

“This six-layer design uses playground elements as inspiration to recall the wonder of play through abstracted shapes. I used to look at playgrounds as a passerby, taking in their shapes and colors from a visual standpoint. These days, my son gives me a reason to visit and interact with them more frequently. I watch as he learns how to duck, climb, balance, let go, and take turns through the powerful and simple act of play. Everybody plays!”

See Kansas 2022

Flint Hills/Konza Prairie Poster design for “See Kansas”—a project through Parks & Green Spaces.

Album Cover - Porch Sliding Door by Philosophy of Lions, released November 2022

Stepping in the Same River Twice, 2021 

Combination woodcut/monotype series with Flat Mountain Press, 2021

Album Cover - Emerald City by Mary Margaret Cozart

Emerald City (released May 2021), the solo album of Athens, GA based musician, Mary Margaret Cozart.



Linocut Meets Home Brew, 2021

Label for SPIBBY; a special batch of home-brewed grapefruit ale for the wedding of Spencer & Libby. Ale brewed by Cuttlefish Brewery.

Book Cover, The Compost Reader, by Karen Schubert, 2020

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