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Album Cover - Emerald City by Mary Margaret Cozart

Album artwork for Emerald City (released May 2021), the solo album of Athens, GA based musician Mary Margaret Cozart. Made using traditional monotype printmaking processes. Stream away on spotify, apple music, band camp.


Linocut Meets Home Brew, 2021

Label for SPIBBY; a special batch of home-brewed grapefruit ale for the wedding of Spencer & Libby. The ale was brewed by Jordan Herrema of Cuttlefish Brewery. The design was hand-drawn, transferred to linoleum for carving, printed by hand, scanned, and filled in with color digitally to create the final sticker. 

Pudden Bridge, April 2021

Commissioned watercolor painting (left) from a drawing of Pudden Bridge in Dexter, KS (right), 16 x 20"

Book Cover - The Compost Reader, by Karen Schubert, 2020

Karen Schubert and I met at Vermont Studio Center in 2016, and became quick friends. In 2019, Karen reached out to me about having my work as the cover for her full-length poetry collection, The Compost Reader, and I couldn't be happier about it. Published by Accents Publishing in 2020, you can find Karen's book here.

Manhattan, KS themed Halloween Coloring-Zine. 2020. Shareable PDF and video instructions can be found here.

Menus for a Wildly Unreasonable Dinner Party. Screenprint, folded into popcorn balls:  Watch Unfold   2019

Unwrapped evolved out of an affinity for saving discarded bits of colored paper. One of my collections includes process marks I cut out and label with the name of the packaged product. This book separates these printer's color blocks from the actual food or object, zooming into textures and colors so distant from the manufacturer's packaging.

pretzels - orange - saltines - blue - bread - ochre

With Unwrapped and other projects, I am interested in subverting everyday ways we receive information, through hidden color & pattern, as a way to find new meaning in everyday objects. 
digitally printed pages, circle cutouts, drum leaf binding

Like shapes, colors are the building blocks of learning. At an early age, we learn primaries and their compliments; warm and cool; light and dark. As seen throughout the history of marketing, color has a peculiar and powerful affect on mood and how products are advertised. This book invites viewers to consider their own perception of color and its affect on one's consciousness. I printed and bound this book during a bout of rainy days in Athens, GA simply to enjoy flats of bright color while the days were grim.  The making of this book also helped become more familiar with letterpress printing. The pages are printed letterpress and utilize polymer plates, pressure printing, and handset type. There are a few digitally printed elements, as well.

The Head and the Art
This collaborative project, initiated by University of Georgia Master's students Taylor Newman and Megan Prescott, paired artists and scientist together with the goal of communicating science to non-scientists in an engaging way.
Exhibitions:  Creature Comforts, Athens, GA (Dec 18 - Jan 27, 2019); Science Library, University of Georgia (Nov 30 - Dec 17, 2018) 

What's in the Air? monotype with chine colle, 24" x 18" 

Yohanna White researches atmospheric chemistry, specifically, black carbon in the air and how it contributes to climate change. I spend most of my time in the printmaking studio, experimenting with materials and exploring color interactions. While our studies feel worlds apart, Yohanna and I found overlaps in our work and personal lives, as well. We love the outdoors and therefore care about air quality. Our research is dependent on light and shape. Through our conversations, I learned air molecules absorb and scatter light differently, based on their shapes. This piece is a monotype made with ink and paper, hand-rolled through a press. The shapes of colored paper are symbolic of soot in the air being affected by the light. My hope is that the viewer would be able to discover some of Yohanna's large ideas through playful visual representation.

A2RU Mural Project

"Light-Hearted", 2018

A collaborative mural project led by Broderick Flanigan, made possible through the Willson Center and Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA. Collaborators: Broderick Flanigan, Jennifer Niswonder-Morris, Mary Gordon

Mister Rogers Commemorative Print

Celebrating 50 years of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and all the good that man shared with the world.
Letterpress, 2018

things i found while looking down
letterpress, set type, pressure print, 2018

Watch unfold here.

Im Garten

A printed edition of multi-block linocut prints for "From One to the Next", an exchange between graduate students at the University of Georgia and the University of Tennessee.

14" x 11", 2017

"It doesn't matter what you do, he said, as long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into something that's like you after you take your hands away. The difference between the man who just cuts lawns and a real gardener is in the touching, he said. The lawn-cutter might just as well not have been there at all; the gardner will be there a lifetime."
-Ray Bradbury, Fahrenheit 451

For Noahscreenprint on handmade paper, 2016

Alle Meine Entschen
Series of screenprints inspired by the popular German nursery Rhyme, Alle Meine Entschen (All My Little Ducklings), 2016

Potluck Broadside, Letterpress, Women's Studio Workshop, 2016

Handmade paper pamphlet notebooks, Women's Studio Workshop, 2016

Big Lakes Drawings

Big Lakes Developmental Center in Manhattan, KS is a non-profit organization with the mission "to provide quality services and programs which promote independence, productivity, integration, and inclusion into the community for persons with developmental disabilities." I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work as a residential advisor for Big Lakes 2009-2014, and to have stayed connected through painting & drawing. These pieces were commissioned by Big Lakes between 2014-2016. They are original drawings, roughly 16x20". Medium: watercolor, ink, and colored pencil.

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