You Are Here - is an amalgamation of found images and inspiration pulled from research within the Special Collections Library at the University of Georgia, alongside my own collection of photos, prints, tickets, postcards, maps, letter drafts, and various papers.

The moon, the same size as the earth at just the right distance, passes between the earth and sun at just the right time - a solar eclipse - if you happen to be in just the right place. 

The same energy contained in the sun lives at the top of a match. This fire, and other things, like water and air, give life. 

Another revolution around the sun makes life a year older. Strike a match, blow out a candle, make a wish. 

Trees grow. Some are cut down to make more matches. Some trees produces peaches, which become popular in the South. A peach takes on new meaning, become another name for exceptional things and people.

People create and destroy using their hands. Words are communicated in gestures, sentences, and physical sentiments traveled over distances, steeped in time and space, consumed like warm tea - or coffee. 

I like to think everything is connected. Trees, rocks, space, animals, humans with opinions, dreams and birthday wishes, fears, secrets, and hopes. 

You are here 

We are here 

Living here 

This book is an attempt to connect things. Memories, thoughts, images, remnants, traces of places -what might seem like disparate subjects are bound together, connected through color, string, paper, and the imagination living inside of you.

Mary Gordon 2018

Featured Press:
The Golden Record, Aug 18 - Oct 2, 2018
Athens, GA
The Red and Black
Flagpole Magazine

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