Color / Feld, 2019
Collaboration between Paula Runyon and Mary Gordon

In this material exploration, color, line, texture, and shape were brought together to create small scenes evoking landscape, childhood, and play in nature.

Can objects be imbued with life?

Using a collaborative call and response method centered around our respective process of play and discovery, we found that the assembled blocks can restore a sense of wonderment through sight and materiality; playful landscapes, small fields of color. 

A2RU Mural Project, 2018


A collaborative mural project led by Broderick Flanigan, made possible through the Willson Center and Lamar Dodd School of Art at the University of Georgia, in Athens, GA. Collaborators: Broderick Flanigan, Jennifer Niswonder-Morris, Mary Gordon

The Head and the Art, 2018
This collaborative project, initiated by University of Georgia Master's students Taylor Newman and Megan Prescott, paired artists and scientist together with the goal of communicating science to non-scientists in an engaging way. 

Exhibitions:  Creature Comforts, Athens, GA (Dec 18 - Jan 27, 2019); Science Library, University of Georgia (Nov 30 - Dec 17, 2018) 

What's in the Air? monotype with chine colle, 24" x 18" 

Yohanna White researches atmospheric chemistry, specifically, black carbon in the air and how it contributes to climate change. I spend most of my time in the printmaking studio, experimenting with materials and exploring color interactions. While our studies feel worlds apart, Yohanna and I found overlaps in our work and personal lives, as well. We love the outdoors and therefore care about air quality. Our research is dependent on light and shape. Through our conversations, I learned air molecules absorb and scatter light differently, based on their shapes. This piece is a monotype made with ink and paper, hand-rolled through a press. The shapes of colored paper are symbolic of soot in the air being affected by the light. My hope is that the viewer would be able to discover some of Yohanna's large ideas through playful visual representation.

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